Activities/Interests in the Area

A number of attractions and offers are available for selection:

  • Raft rides,
  • Hiking on the Green Belt (German domestic border),
  • Museums,
  • Swimming pools and thermal baths,
  • Skate Park,
  • Summer toboggan run,
  • Tropical house Tettau,
  • Wildlife Park etc.

Due to the location on Burgenstraße (Castle Street), the place lends itself to excursions to nearby castles in the region, such as the Veste Coburg, Plassenburg, Festung Rosenberg, and Castle Lauenstein.

Castle Lauenstein
Fortress Rosenberg by night © Dr. Otmar Fugmann
Fortress Rosenberg
Tropical house Tettau
Erlebnisbad Crana Mare © Stadtwerke Kronach
Veste Coburg
Tower stories © Fotograf Achim Bühler
Tower stories © Fotograf Achim Bühler
Witches and Heroines © Fotograf Achim Bühler
City composition from photographer Dr. Otmar Fugmann © Tourismusbetrieb Kronach